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Discover the only direct glue on horseshoe which enhances the natural shock absorbing mechanism of the hoof.


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Polyflex offers over 10 patterns of shoes to serve horses of all disciplines, performance levels & clinical needs.  To determine if your horse is a Polyflex candidate & to select the best shoe, click to learn more. 

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The key to unlocking the true potential of the Polyflex shoe relies on the quality of the application. Whether you are a seasoned farrier, new to the profession or anywhere in between - we offer step by step instruction & personalized customer service to provide you with consistent, successful outcomes. 


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Polyflex believes in providing quality, personalized customer service that you can depend on. To place an order, call today and become a Polyflex Customer. 

Every horse deserves the chance to succeed.



"Without you & your shoes, this dream would not have come true!"


— Katherine Ritvo, Trainer of Mucho Macho Man

2013 Breeders' Cup Classic Winner


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