Polyflex Application Process


Video Tutorial:

Whether you are a seasoned farrier, still under mentorship or anywhere in between, we highly recommend adding this video to your toolbox of education. By following our step by step application guide & understanding the skills necessary for a positive outcome you will fulfill the potential of both the Polyflex shoes and your horse.   

Topics Covered: Hoof Testing, Shoe Removal, Hoof Preparation,   Shoe Application, Glue Tips & Techniques,  Copper Sulfate, Wedging & Liners

For additional guidance or advice please call #(561)-707-2220.                                                                                                                

Pour In Pad Instructional Video:

A common addition to the application of Polyflex is a recessed pour in pad. Provided is a brief video highlighting the process we advise for a successful outcome.


Find A Polyflex Farrier

Regardless as to whether you are a client or a farrier - at Polyflex Horsehoes we believe that we are all always learning. Even if you have had experience with different glue on shoes in the past, we recommend finding a farrier near you who is familiar with the Polyflex glue on process. There are expert farriers located from coast to coast, in addition to overseas who have have had success with Polyflex products for years. Call us to help connect you today.


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