Polyflex Product Packages

With the right application techniques - these Polyflex Product Packages will make sure you have everything you need. 


Polyflex Glue On Shoe

Glue On 

First time applying glue on shoes? Looking to acquire a complete glue on set? Let us organize the shoes, products and application tools you'll need for a successful outcome. The proof is in the products.  





Polyflex Quarter Crack Repair

Quarter Crack Repair

Quarter cracks caused by concussion & injury are not only painful, but can be difficult to heal. With the correct materials and application skills - most can be mended successfully. We'll put together a package of everything you need to handle a mild to severe case. 


Healthy hoof shod with Polyflex

Custom Care 

Being in the business over 25 years, we understand the truth about hoof care products is that each one affects the horse differently. We also believe that only quality products that work are worth investing in. That's why we offer personalized Custom Care packages that are put together based on the needs of your horse with only products we trust. Let us help you create the perfect hoof care routine.