Is Your Horse A Candidate?


start with the right questions

Polyflex shoes were designed intentionally for performance horses & rehabilitative cases. Today, Polyflex offers a variety of options to suit multiple disciplines and needs. However not all horses need Polyflex shoes to perform their best. To determine if your horse is a good candidate for Polyflex, four primary points need to be considered.


POINT #1 - What is the discipline and breed of your horse?

Horses of different breeds and disciplines have varying needs & face different sets of shoeing challenges. Understanding your horses job and his conformational background will help us to understand what options Polyflex has to offer you.

POINT #2 - What challenges are you facing with your horse?

Clients typically discover Polyflex shoes because they are facing a challenge with their horse using traditional shoeing methods. Common reasons include thin walls that are difficult to nail, contracted heels, quarter cracks and high/low syndrome. Because all horses are different, and not all horses need Polyflex shoes - we want to identify the specific needs of your horse and work together to determine the best approach.  

POINT #3 - Are you familiar with the glue on application process for Polyflex?

After selecting Polyflex for your horse - the next and equally important component is determining if you are familiar with the application process. Over the years, we have gone through the trial and error process to create a step by step procedure using products & techniques we are confident in. If you are new to the glue on process, have never glued on Polyflex shoes before or need assistance finding a farrier we encourage you to call. Polyflex glue on shoes require specific knowledge that we are happy to share to ensure you have a successful outcome.

POINT #4 - Are Polyflex shoes economically feasible for you?  

Applying Polyflex shoes requires a level of craftsmanship, understanding and time that is unique to the glue on process. In the time it takes for a seasoned farrier to apply a full set of traditional shoes, only two Polyflex shoes can be applied. This time commitment, in addition to the financial difference between Polyflex shoes & traditional shoeing methods makes Polyflex a valuable investment for the horse, client and farrier.