Selecting The Right Shoe

Polyflex offers a variety of shoes, each designed and crafted with specific features. Read on to discover your perfect fit. 



-TURF - 

The original Polyflex design, this shoe was built first for the race track. Designed to dampen concussion; the flexible nature of the Turf shoe increases comfort, aids with heel soreness, is lightweight & has a wire skeleton that allows for individual shaping. 



 Designed for ease of break over, the Polyflex Square Toe is a modification of the turf shoe with all of the same beneficial qualities.



Our most popular cross over shoe, the Polyflex Compete has been created to excel in the performance arena. With excellent mechanics, rolled edges & penciled heels the Compete is a preferred choice for the athletic disciplines of barrel racing, reining, racing & western pleasure.



Created with the warm blood horse in mind, the Hunter Jumper shoe is molded to fit their natural shape & associated foot challenges. This shoe is available in wide & narrow patterns, and with stud inserts on special order. 



Polyflex Foal Extension

Polyflex Foal Extension


 Designed specifically for therapeutic application, the Morrison Open Roller has the ability to be modified to achieve desired mechanical functions.  Available in life span sizes from foal to maturity, the MOR is also available with studs inserts on special order.



Foal Extensions are used successfully in a variety of correctional & clinical cases to assist young horses with limb deformities.